Thursday, June 5, 2008

Color on a Woman of Color!!

Okay so I have a friend who SWEARS up and down that "colors" are not for Women of Color!!!! Who in the world told her that?? lol
Anyways, she came to visit me and during her visit we played in colors. Now this look is not a look that I would reccomend her or anyone else in a PROFESSIONAL Occupation wear out as a Daily look..I was just trying to show her how pretty colors could & would look up against her beautiful skin tone!!!

Well....Here she is.......

On her that day I used:
I forgot what foundation I used (sorry)
Lucky Jade s/s
Bitter e/s
Parfait Armour e/s
Swish e/s
Stars N Rockets e/s
Frankly Scarlet Blush
Grape l/l
Kool l/s
Mlle Maraschino l/g stain
Red Cherry Lashes (4got what #) and
a few tear drop stones for a lil added dramatics

Thanks for looking!