Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bright & Intense (Cut the Crease)

Okay Bloggers,

So here is my 1st attempt at a "Cut the Crease" look.
I was inspired by boredom and decided to play around a little bit.
I wanted to blog about it because I was pleased with the outcome, BUT I
will continue to practice so that I can get better!
I have a few photoshoots coming up and I want to use the look.... :-)

The shots (in my opinion) aren't that good but here they are anyways...

What I used:
MAC Bitter e/s
MAC Aquadisiac e/s
MAC Blue Peep Fluidline
NYX Milk Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil as a base
MAC Carbon e/s with mixing medium for liner
MAC Full Coverage Foundation
MAC Bronzer in Dark
MAC Scarlet Blush (lightly applied)
MAC Pink Nouveuo l/s
MAC Nightmouth l/l
MAC Clear Lipglass

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Photoshoot: Stuffed 2008

This is a collage of pictures from a photoshoot I did makeup for in June 2008
The models and photographer were a joy to work with...(and not so bad on the eyes either!! lol)
I am really looking forward to working with them again Real Soon!

Male model: Eric Nicoleau

Female model: Destiny Bleu

Photographer: Elvis Peidra (Creative Rethinking)

Location: Someones back porch in ATL!!! lol

Photoshoot: Araji 2009

I had a photoshoot 2/28/09 where I had the pleasure of working with an amazing photograher (C.Reese Model with a Camera) , the wonderful Araji a.k.a Ace of Spades (an up and coming artist/model) and stylist Gary of "Trends4Mation"

Here are just a few of the finished product

I look forward to working with them all again

Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 Prom Makeup Specials

It's Prom Time Ladies!!!!!

I am offering Prom Makeup Specials for $40 (lashes included) and I come to you!!

Refer 3 or more girls and EVERYONE will get $5.00 OFF Makeover

Call NOW to book your appointment


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Faces 1st & Pre Teens....

Here a few pics of my daughter & my neice. They are 13 now & wanted to play in make up. You know I wasn't goin to say no to that!!! LOL
These arent looks that I would allow them to walk around in (just because its a lil too grown & bright in my opinion) was just us playing in colors & having fun!

Enjoy & Thanks for looking!!

Color on a Woman of Color!!

Okay so I have a friend who SWEARS up and down that "colors" are not for Women of Color!!!! Who in the world told her that?? lol
Anyways, she came to visit me and during her visit we played in colors. Now this look is not a look that I would reccomend her or anyone else in a PROFESSIONAL Occupation wear out as a Daily look..I was just trying to show her how pretty colors could & would look up against her beautiful skin tone!!!

Well....Here she is.......

On her that day I used:
I forgot what foundation I used (sorry)
Lucky Jade s/s
Bitter e/s
Parfait Armour e/s
Swish e/s
Stars N Rockets e/s
Frankly Scarlet Blush
Grape l/l
Kool l/s
Mlle Maraschino l/g stain
Red Cherry Lashes (4got what #) and
a few tear drop stones for a lil added dramatics

Thanks for looking!

Debra: Before & After

This is Debra Before

and this is Debra After

She was going to a Cinderella Ball that night & wanted to feel & look like a princess!
She was very pleased with the outcome!

That Night I used on her:

NC45 Full Coverage
MAC "Style" Blush
MSF "Warmed"
Naked pigment
Carbon e/s
Plum Dressing e/s
Chestnut Lipliner
Oyster Girl l/g
#16 Ardel Lashes